Meet our vendors and see a sample of their work.  In September, we begin posting their new products to our facebook page that they will be bringing to the show.  Check the facebook link at the bottom of this page and give us a like! 
  1. Vickey Raley
    Vickey Raley
  2. Alison Daniel
    Alison Daniel
    Bling Shirts
  3. Amanda Duncan
    Amanda Duncan
    Cypress Knee Santas
  4. Barbara Calderon
    Barbara Calderon
    Mimi's Dog Togs Pet Accessories
  5. Brandy McCall-Rios
    Brandy McCall-Rios
    Cadence& Co. Bags
  6. C.C. Rice
    C.C. Rice
    Gourd Art
  7. Mei Chang
    Mei Chang
  8. Carolyn Kiefer
    Carolyn Kiefer
    Wood/Cloth Santas, Snowmen
  9. Cindy Wilkins
    Cindy Wilkins
    Cin Chili Chili, Hot Sauce, Pickles
  10. Cyndi Haught
    Cyndi Haught
    Quilted Ornaments, Doll Cloths
  11. David Gonzales
    David Gonzales
    Scroll Work
  12. Judy Echols
    Judy Echols
    Stained Glass
  13. Leslie Sabol
    Leslie Sabol
    Knitting, Felting
  14. Laura Cobb
    Laura Cobb
    Wood/Cloth Santas, Snowmen
  15. Cynthia Buelow
    Cynthia Buelow
    Honey Products
  16. Kristin Hamon
    Kristin Hamon
    Embroidery Earrings
  17. Karen Boriack
    Karen Boriack
    Cheese Balls
  18. Bettylou Gibbs
    Bettylou Gibbs
    Sewing, Wall Baskets
  19. Lisa Drascula
    Lisa Drascula
    Chocolate Creations
  20. Ruth McKee
    Ruth McKee
  21. Doris Amstutz
    Doris Amstutz
  22. Melanie Bacom
    Melanie Bacom
    Yard Art
  23. Millie McElya
    Millie McElya
  24. Tammy Kocurek
    Tammy Kocurek
    Bath & Body
  25. Doug Grissom
    Doug Grissom
    Turned Wood
  26. Phillip Peacock
    Phillip Peacock
    Cutting Boards & Trays
  27. Tania Alejandra
    Tania Alejandra
    Leathersmith, Artisan Jewelry
  28. Kathy Caton
    Kathy Caton